About CASAnova Competition for the Crown 2023

Help support the Child Protection Network by voting for your favorite local "CASAnovas."

These influential individuals are competing for the coveted “King/Queen of CASA” crown. 

The online competition starts Monday, April 10th with the winner announced at our annual event on Friday, May 19th.

How it Works:
• The CASAnovas will work to solicit votes from the community.  The CASAnova who receives the most votes will be crowned "King/Queen of the CASA."

• Each $1.00 online donation = 1 vote.

• All CASAnovas will try to accumulate as many votes as possible with each having an individual goal of a minimum of 1,200 votes ($1,200). 

  How did we come up with this amount?  $1,200 is the cost per child for CASA Advocacy.

• On Friday, May 19th at DUEL (our dueling pianos fundraising event), we will tally up the votes, and the CASAnova with the highest number of votes will win the title of "King/Queen of CASA."  The winner will be announced at the event that evening.

**Make sure to place your votes through your favorite CASAnova's individual page for it to count towards their total!