Send a Flock

Sign up now to flock a friend! 


  • Each flock (20 blue flamingos) will be placed on front lawns where they will rest for 2-4 days until they mysteriously migrate to another location.  The birds come with a sign that says, "It's So Flocking Fun to Support CPN" and a QR code with instructions about what to do next. 
  • All flockings will occur between September 1st and September 30th.  In order to easily transport the flocks from one home to another, we cannot guarantee what dates the flocks will arrive at any address.
  • The flocks will remain at each location for at least 24 hours and will be picked up within 3 days.
  • All flockings are done anonymously.  It is up to you to let the person know that you flocked them.  OR they can find out with a $10 donation...and they might flock you back!
  • We can flock houses and businesses but cannot flock apartment buildings.  
  • The flamingos are soon planning to fly south for the winter, so they can't travel too far.  All flockings must take place within 15 miles of Bloomington-Normal.  All available cities are listed on the "reserve a flock" page.


This flocking is done in good spirits, so thank you in advance for your support and sense of humor.  Funds from all flock reservations will go to the Child Protection Network, a 501(c)3 organization.  Flocking donations are tax-deductible.